4th International Conference Series on 3R's Research & Progress

Patient Derived Tumoroids and Humanized Mice

May 2024, Mahindra University, Hyderabad, TS, India
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Topics for the Conference:

  • Technological Advances in generating animal models for biomedical research.
  • Relevance of Animal models to human diseases.
  • Transgenesis: Use of transgenic animal models in studying genetic diseases.
  • Animal models in Drug discovery.
  • Advanced humanized mouse models in Oncology research.
  • Animal and in vitro models for Psoriasis and auto-immune skin diseases.
  • 3D printing – advances in alternatives to animals in research.
  • In silico models – alternatives to in vivo models.
  • The poster and stage presentation by students and scientists as two separate categories will be in the area of Tumoroids, Patient Derived Tumoroids, Humanized Mice and PDX.

Speakers for the Conference:


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BioScience Research Foundation Charles River Laboratories
Insphero The Jackson Laboratory

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